Fine Art

Most of my paintings are based on ideas I have for illustrated books. I have enjoyed exploring the realm of color in both acrylic and oil paint.

Animal Partea

My idea for this painting came from life interactions. Over the years I have always appreciated how different people can be. I feel that sometimes we are entirely different "animals", but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We all have our differences and strengths but can still have a good time together. This is what I hope to depict in the story of Animal Partea. 



In this painting I explored the use of texture. I find irony in the world around me, and thought that a neon sign hanging above this cactus would bring a bit of that humor to life. 


This is an oil painting I had been thinking of for some time. I wanted to play with the use of vivid colors in regards to a night sky. Here I have had the opportunity to stylize the glow of lanterns as they float through the night sky. 

1993 Memories

Growing up, my mom drove an old '72 yellow VW beetle. I don't remember much about the world around us, but the funky fun and humorous memories of exploring our small town in Texas have definitely stuck with me over the years. I still frequently go to the zoo to look at the flamingos, just like back in 1993. 


Out of My Depth

This painting is one I find amusing. When I am doodling or sketching I tend to draw mermaids, so it was inevitable for this to cross over into my paintings. 


Daniella is one of my favorite characters. She is a colorful cow to be sure, but beyond that, I learned a lot about myself in the process of her creation. 


This painting is a study on texture and collaging. While with friends on a retreat I gathered all of their paper scraps and started to create this high textured painting. I love pulling this down so kids can feel the different bumps and ridges of the paper while visiting my studio.